Data-science driven lead generation and AI salesforce

Automate your sales workflow with automated lead generation and real-time marketing fulfillment using artificial intelligence sales assistants.


Salesforce Automation

We've analyzed over 3 billion real profiles to provide quality real-time lead generation and drip marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Targetting

Target leads by topic and location within seconds of a targetted interaction.

10X Your Salesforce

Our AI sales agents streamline lead generation and customer reach 10X faster than a human.

Drip Campaigns

Create efficient email and IM triggers for qualifying real-time leads.

Interactive Reporting

Our dashboard provides a quick overview to which campaigns are performing best.

100+ Integrations

Sync your real-time leads with:
Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Sendgrid, and more.

AI Assistants

Equip your entire sales team with AI assistants to automate your marketing outreach.

* Currently 989 active AI sales assistants

AI assistants work harder

Our lead generation platform allows you to target topics and locations in real-time to provide you with high quality leads in a time of market relevance. For every sales agent, a single AI assistant can contact a maximum of 200 leads a day. With a large sales team of 50 people, this can equate to 10,000 leads a day.

Create campaigns with your desired topic, location, and time range and let your AI assistants do the rest. Our team of artificial intelligence machines create a marketing powerhouse for your salesforce by finding and contacting leads in real-time.

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Data science and lead discovery

Our platform uses recurrent neural networks to automatically optimize your campaigns and train your AI team to rank and determine leads with the best possible outcomes.

Every AI assistant is hosted on it's own dedicated cloud machine to run data-intensive aggregations and create full profiles to be used for market segmentation and customer research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how can work for you.

Can this completely automate my sales team?

We allow you to target topics in real-time and create drip email and IM campaigns to automate lead outreach; your sales team however is responsible for following up with prospects.

Do I need an existing sales team?

No. One user can have multiple AI assistants that can contact up to 200 leads per day each, however, it is recommended to have a single AI assistant per sales team member to handle replies from prospects.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for AI assistants vary on team size and usage. You may schedule a consultation to find out more.

What are real-time leads?

Our AI assistants will monitor topics and locations in real-time on social networks and discover contact information from our database of over 3 billion+ active social media profiles. If a user is found in our vast database of user information, your AI assistant will add them to your drip campaigns.

Quality Guaranteed

If for any reason our AI marketing assistants do not meet your expectations, you may cancel anytime.

Automated Outreach

Our AI assistants monitor user behaviors on social media platforms and automate targetted outreach for your campaigns.

Add To The Conversation

We monitor conversations on social media in real-time so you can engage with your potential customers in the right moment.